Mangrove Plantation Programme

Mangrove are perhaps one of the most threatened & neglected ecosystems around the world, and in Sri Lanka it is no better. At a time when the mangrove cover in the country is fast dwindling due to unplanned & unsustainable development projects, Project ‘Green Print’ will focus on carrying out Mangrove Plantation Programme in a coastal region near Kaluwanchikudy and Hambantota Lagoon. With this initiative, Earth Protectors Club together with Rotaract Club of Centennial United and the other partners will be directly contributing to increasing the mangrove cover in the country, while raising awareness about the undeniable importance of mangroves.

Coral Restoration Programme

Natural coral reefs are truly masterpieces of nature, which act as natural buffers against waves & are often seen teeming with biodiversity. At the same time, they provide a means of livelihood for many coastal communities who depend on the tourism industry. At present, the existence of coral reefs are severely impacted by global warming, pollution & destructive fisheries practices. Therefore, the need to raise awareness, enforce stricter protection mechanisms & increasing the coral cover has become undeniably important. With these intentions in mind, conducted a coral restoration programme in the nearby sea area, thereby further expanding the scope of Project ‘Green Print’.

Reverse the Decline

One of Sri Lanka's perhaps most misunderstood species, reptiles, are at an ever-increasing threat due to the many myths & stories associated with them.

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Educational PR Campaign on Mangroves

This initiative will focus on promoting & supporting communities to adopt sustainable & innovative ways to face climate change and other associated socio-economic challenges.

Attidiya sanctuary cleanup

Members of the RACCU and the Earth Protectors Club took part at the initial phase of the Attidiya Sanctuary Cleanup project organised by Extinction Rebellion Sri Lanka.

Borella tree planting programme

Members of the RACCU and the Earth Protectors Club took part at tree planting programme at the Borella Cemetery organised by the Federation of Environmental Organisations (FEO).

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